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Fan Fiction

These are links to the different fanfictions I've written over the years. Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'd rather write something in detail or turn it into a comic. 

The Absence of Blood

Rose Tyler is a detective within the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, a Major Investigation Team within the Metropolitan Police of London. A serial killer is taking victims in a way that has Rose and Forensic Services stumped. An expert from UNIT has been called in to help her solve it, they call him The Doctor. Rose now has two mysteries on her hands: Who is the killer, and who is The Doctor?  AU.

Don't Let it See You're Afraid

The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack Harkness are suddenly in the middle of a serial murder investigation in a small factory town in the eighties. Will they catch the killer, or will they be the next victim? Canon compliant.

The River

Rose should have listened to her mother, but when did she ever do that? She liked a bit of danger after all. That's how she came to rescue a strange man who'd been tossed into the river and left to die.  Human AU.

Journey to Eternity

With every timeline, a new universe is birthed. The Doctor and Rose are reunited, vowing not to repeat the regrets of their previous time together. The Doctor becomes fixated on finding a way to keep Rose with him forever, while Rose struggles to help them both recover from their traumatic pasts. Something follows. With the end of one race, a new one is born. Fix it.

Into the Labyrinth

It's 2101 during the second great nostalgia wave at the Mars Colony and something weird is going on. The Doctor, Rose and Jack check it out only to get trapped inside a Labyrinth inspired life or death televised survival game. Who is the pig man, who let out the signal for help and can our trio solve the Labyrinth within 13 hours without losing their minds or their lives? Canon compliant but also sort of a crossover? It's bizarre. 

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